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Identifying Reporting Services Subscriptions in SQL Server Agent

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The jobs created by reporting services subscriptions have ‘random’ names. Here is some sql that helps you identlfy the subscription and the report.

SELECT Schedule.ScheduleID AS SQLAgent_Job_Name, Subscriptions.Description AS sub_desc, Subscriptions.DeliveryExtension AS sub_delExt,

[Catalog].Name AS ReportName, [Catalog].Path AS ReportPath

FROM ReportSchedule INNER JOIN

Schedule ON ReportSchedule.ScheduleID = Schedule.ScheduleID INNER JOIN

Subscriptions ON ReportSchedule.SubscriptionID = Subscriptions.SubscriptionID INNER JOIN

[Catalog] ON ReportSchedule.ReportID = [Catalog].ItemID AND Subscriptions.Report_OID = [Catalog].ItemID

Thansks to SteveFromOz at Sqlservercentral forums