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.Net Site Speed and Optimisations

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I get obsessed with website load speeds, I can spend hours looking at PageSpeed and ySlow and trying to work out how to increase the speed of the website for the client. Now that I can get a speed result using Webmaster Tools from Google (loook under labs) I now have a way of measuring my website performance over a period of time.

Currently I am lookling at combining javascripts and CSS. In .net 3.5 the script manager can combine scripts for me both resourced scripts and local files. BUT I dont like using scriptresource.axd for some reason, I guess it is because the scripts are static but Im getting to generate it for me. Instead they should be static local files and let IIS just cache the files like normal static files.

Scriptmanager lets me set a path where the combined script can be stored: More info here: [ criptResourceaxdsToStaticScripts.aspx]( xScriptCombiningAndMovingScriptResourceaxdsToStaticScripts.aspx)

This is only of benefit if you are using plenty of .net 3.5 features (calendar extenders etc) though.